This is a motorcycling portal and we are always up for biking but show us a good car and we’d be more than happy to take it for a spin. Bikers have always been fascinated by the presence of the jeep on the road, and no we’re not talking about the brand Jeep but the car genre. We’d say the jeep is the bullet of the car world. A lot of people have tried their hands to modify their jeeps, from rat-rod to low-rider and what not. Here are some of the best-modified jeeps in India, and trust us, you just can’t ignore them.

1. Jeep Wrangler Extreme

wrangler extreme

This particular Jeep Wrangler is India’s first modified Jeep and is too extreme. It has a various numbers of modifications coming straightaway from USA. It gets a new bumper with a bull-bar and winch. The auxiliary lights are mounted over the bull-bar and the bumper also gets a pair of lights which make it more off-road friendly in the dark. The rear gets a new pair of  LED tail lights. Also it gets a 2.5-inch lift, kit toyo Off-road spec tyres, roll cage and a steering stabilizer. Drool on!

2. The Angry Bird

angry bird

Reminded of the game Angry Birds? Well, this is something different. The Angry Bird is another example of tasteful modifications of Jeep Wrangler. This features an aftermarket dual exhaust system, aftermarket head and tail lamps, 50-inch LED light bar on the roof and an angry bird front grille. The engine however is the stock 3.6litre V6, but we’re not complaining.

3. Thar Jeep

thar jeep

A lot of Mahindra Thar owners have put up Jeep stickers on their cars and that is where the affair ends for most, but this Mahindra Thar is modified to look like a Jeep Wrangler. This car specifically features Ironman off-road suspension with ARC leaf springs, a custom made front grille inspired from Jeep Wrangler, a hard-top and front and rear off-road bumpers. Also it gets 33-inch Maxxis mud-tyres sitting on 15-inch steel rims. The eye-catching metallic blue colour compliments the styling of this vehicle.

4. Sunshine jeep

jeep sunshine

Based out of Punjab, a place known for the enthusiasm of jeeps and SUVs, this is one that stands out of the crowd. Sunshine is a lowered jeep with a pretty rare paint scheme. The sunshine yellow paint gets all eyes everywhere it goes. It gets flared wheel arches and turn lights placed on them inspired from the mighty Merc G-Wagen. It also features split windscreen paired with an off-road bumper and even the tyres have been upgraded to a bigger profile.

5. Mahindra Daybreak

daybreak Jeep

Mahindra showcased a concept based on the Thar at Auto Expo 2016. The Daybreak edition attracted so many visitors. Mahindra launched this car a year ago which was modified by Mahindra’s in-house custom unit. It features steel rims wrapped over by Maxxis 37-inch off-road tyres, custom built hood, snorkel, winch, roll cage and everything else a true-blue off-roader needs. Also it gets differential locks and a tweaked suspension setup. If you are looking for a serious off-road vehicle this one is probably built just for you.


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