1967 Shelby Super Snake | A Legend is Reborn

Remember the Eleanor from Gone in 60 seconds, if not then you must be missing something. For all the muscle car lovers Shelby American reintroduces 1967 Ford Shelby GT 500R limited to 10 fastbacks with original Ford VIN and original signature by Carroll Shelby and Don McCain who lead the program to develop the car in 1967.
Shelby personally took the Super Snake and clocked 273.5 kmph and set a new top speed world record for its class.
The super Snake was an expensive car, which forced McCain and Shelby to discontinue the program leaving one built by Shelby American. And that one prototype was recently secured by a collector for $1.3M (Rs.8.8Cr.) in 2013.
The 1967 Shelby Super Snake continuation cars will use 1967 donor Mustangs and include a Shelby serial number for the official Shelby registry.
A race-inspired big block V-8 remains the heart of the car, as the Continuation Shelby Super Snake is powered by a 427ci V-8 from Carroll Shelby Engine Co. making over 550 horsepower.
Super Snakes will be built to order and sold through Shelby American. The cars will start at US$249,995  (Rs.1.7Cr)

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