Ducati Scrambler 1100


The latest in the Ducati stable, The Scrambler, was a huge success and very soon became an icon. The simple rugged look doesn’t demand much attention but does have a lasting impression in the imagination. The modern city scrambler now gets a new more powerful beating heart. Upgraded from 800cc to an 1100cc L twin engine 6 speed gearbox twin under seat exhaust hauling monster with a new steel-trellis frame is now more alluring, who doesn’t love under seat exhaust two on top of that.


The Bosch electronically enhanced Italian now sticks better on the road with a 4 level traction control. Adding more joy, 3 preset ride modes are installed which delivers full power mode for the ones living on the ragged edge another that smoothens and softens the throttle for a cruising and relaxing ride and the last one is more of an economical mode like when you are in a city.

Apart from the new engine and the fancy new tech, the look of the menacing go in all out scrambler is just beholding. As many have seen on any scrambler there in an X over the headlight, now Ducati has tattooed it to its headlight design trim with DRLs.

The heads up display has been upped with another pod which displays tachometer and other important detail which are in sync with the new tech. This bandage fisted knuckle boxing Scrambler will come fighting into Indian road but she won’t be a cheap contender, so better start saving up or be prepared to sell a kidney.

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