Professional motorcycle riders are acknowledged for pushing the limits, but there are some notorious events too. Romano Fenati crossed this limit at San Marino Moto2 grand prix on Sunday, grabbing brake lever of Italian Stefan Manzi at Misano Circuit.

Moto2 is second to MotoGP where riders race less powerful bikes than in the premier class.

Fenati ,22 was involved in an aggressive encounter with his opponent Stefano Manzi after coming together in the race at turn four.

On the exit of turn seven, Fenati grabbed Manzi’s brake at 225 kmph.  Though Manzi managed to balance the bike after the incident. This fetched criticism from current and former riders. Moto GP race winner Andrea Dovizioso commented: “I think for sure what he did is very bad, but a black flag is normal.”

Runner-up Marc Marquez said, “They need to put some penalty that the other guys will never do…that if you do this you will not race.”

Fenati was banned for two races however British rider Cal Crutchlow said that Fenati should be banned for lifetime. He further added, “He should have walked back in the garage and his team should have kicked him straight out the back. You cannot do this to another motorcycle racer. We are risking our lives enough and if somebody grabs your brake…..”

Manzi also got the penalty with six grid positions at the next grand prix at Aragon in Spain for his role at turn four.



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