Golden Scooter : A Homage to Love


We often talk about our love for bikes but there are some extraordinary tales about love. A man from Indore, Madhya Pradesh has gone the extra mile and transformed his ordinary scooter into a golden scooter in the memory of his late beloved wife.

Mansingh with his golden scooter

Mansingh 50yrs, after the demise of her wife, always wanted to keep her memories alive. As a tribute, he bought a Hero Maestro, and got the brass work done with golden plating by a local artisan in his personal supervision. It took 3 months & Rs.2 lakh to complete this memoir of love.  People call him crazy but Mansingh doesn’t give a damn. His eyes filled with excitement when somebody praises his golden scooter.  Mansingh’s golden scooter is now the talk of the town and a masterpiece of course like the Taj Mahal.

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