Harley-Davidson unveils plans for new league of motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Streetfighter 975

By unveiling plans for 21 new motorcycles in next four years Harley-Davidson has shaken the world of motorcycling. In a recent announcement Harley-Davidson confirms a radical change in its traditional line of bikes.  Now Harley-Davidson is focusing on younger generation of bikers by taking cues from its heritage but in most modernised way. The new range of motorcycles will include Adventure tourer as well as electric ones. So hold on guys and girls, exciting time is coming.

New Middleweight Models:

This is the most exciting news is that there will 16 new middleweights that will be lead by its first adventure tourer Pan America 1250 and Custom 1250 with water-cooled engine. We will also witness a Streetfighter 975 and 1250 along with a Flat tracker, Scrambler, and a faired sports version. All these new models will be available between 2020 to 2022. The engine is modular and shared across all the models and will be offered in 500cc-1250cc capacity. Harley-Davidson will provide two or three frames, swing arms and front ends that can be used in combination to produce different motorcycles.

New Electric Models:

Four years ago Harley-Davidson announced the Livewire project and also claimed to become first road legal high-performance electric bike manufacturer. The first Harley-Davidson  Livewire is scheduled for launch in 2019. The range of electric bikes will include two middleweight motorcycles and two lightweight street motorcycles similar to bicycles.

Small Capacity Models:

Wait 21 is not the final number. Harley-Davidson is also addressing the most potential bike markets of Asia and South America by producing 250cc motorcycles. And we Indians will be the one who will get the first lot of these models as the small capacity motorcycles will be produced in India with an Indian Strategic partner. Who would be that strategic partner is still disguised but we may have a hunch after Triumph-Bajaj, BMW-TVS is it Royal-Enfield?

In addition to that Harley-Davidson also working on providing motorcycles through e-commerce platform H-D.com and also be partnering with a third-party online retailer to sell direct to customers.

So folks!!  keep your wallets ready electrifying days are coming.

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