Harley Davidson’s small capacity single cylinder for India !!


HARLEY-DAVIDSON is a brand tantamount to big V-twins, extrovert styling and more braids than you could shake your leather chaps at.

But the American giant has been in battle of survival. An elderly customer base, no new blood coming into the brand and then tariffs applied to the Milwaukee bikes have all meant drastic changes are needed. And fast!

Well, is this the first of the new breed of small capacity, Indian market Harleys? Spotted on Japan’s Young Machine website, we must admit it looks great. It’s a rendering, there’s no doubt about that, but the detailing of the nuts, bolts and other fittings is very good. We’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s genuine or not!

Looking like a KTM Duke 390 with a flat track seat unit, the bike has a single front disc with what could be a Bybre caliper. Ducati Scrambler style up-swept exhaust and what looks like the smallest fuel tank this side of a speedway bike. It’s thought the actual bike will be a 500cc and will be co-developed with Indian firm like TVS the fabricators of BMW’s G310.

The frame of this rendering is a mix of cast and tubular sections with a gloss black sub-frame supporting the (very small looking) dual seat. The headlight looks like an LED mounted in a number board and the front fork gaiters are unmistakably Harley-Davidson!

In present struggling scenario we hope Harley brings this as early as possible though the chances are bleak.

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