Royal Enfield Launches Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition Model

New Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus is inspired by RE/WD 125

Royal Enfield has unveiled a limited edition Classic 500 Pegasus model in UK . It’s to commemorate the WWII Era RE/WD 125 motorcycles a.k.a Flying Flea  used by British paratroopers behind enemy lines at different war zones.

A tailored set of military-style canvas panniers with Pegasus logo.

It will be an opportunity for Royal Enfield lovers to own a piece of history  from 1000 units to be manufactured and distributed globally, of which 250 will be available in India.  “One could imagine these motorcycles that could be parachuted behind enemy lines. And something that’s now engrained in both motorcycling and Airborne forces’ history,” said Gordon May , Royal Enfield historian.

Limited Edition Classic 500 Pegasus motorcycles carry a Pegasus emblem and individual serial number

The Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition Model will available for booking from July at 4999 pounds (INR 4.5Lakh). India Prices are yet to be announced. According to the Royal Enfield the The Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition model will be offered in two wartime colors Service Brown and Olive Drab Green, except India where only Service Brown will be presented. India launch is expected by May 30 and all units will be sold through online portal.

A tribute to the legendary Flying Flea

Each of the 1000 new Classic 500 Pegasus motorcycles will carry a Pegasus emblem – the official Parachute Regiment insignia – on the fuel tank along with an individual stencilled serial number. The famous Royal Enfield “Made Like a Gun” label on the battery box is another memento of the machine’s legacy. One of the original Flying Fleas is preserved in Royal Enfield’s UK Technology Centre in Bruntigthorpe.

An assorted collection of Gear, enthused by this decorated motorcycling legacy, will also be made available. That will include shirts, t-shirts, caps, lapel pins, bags and helmets, the limited-production and accessories of this collection are also adorned by the official military insignia and the Pegasus emblem, the company said.

Colour Pallet: Service Brown and Olive Drab Green

The Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition Model is power-driven by the same 499CC, air-cooled single cylinder engine which produces 27.3bhp at 5250rpm and 41.3Nm of torque at 4000rpm. All other mechanical equipments are same as the classic 500. The new limited-edition motorcycles will come with a tailored set of military-style canvas panniers with Pegasus logo. Each model will have bona fide markings of military motorcycles, including brown handlebar grips, a leather strap with brass buckles across the air filter, blacked out silencers, rims, kick start, pedals and headlight bezel to complete the epoch time’s look.

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