The turn indicator is one of the most undervalued safety feature on a motorcycle. Good use of indicators can go a long way in reducing the number of unexpected collisions on the road. Sometimes, we forget to switch off the indicators after completing a turn. And there is always a risk of something going wrong on the road. One false indication and it is all over.  The Smart Turn System from Slovenia-based company ABCS Sistem is designed to mitigate these risks.

What is it?

The Smart Turn System is essentially a self-cancelling device that accurately switches off the indicators when the rider completes the turn. Self-cancelling indicators are present in all cars these days whereas motorcycles usually require the rider to manually turn off the indicators after negotiating a turn. Most available systems on the market, including the OEM systems on offer by Harley-Davidson, BMW and Triumph, operate with a simple timer relay, while some after-market solutions add an adjustable timer and sometimes misinterpret the vehicle’s position.

How does it work?

The STS uses motion sensor technology to collect hundreds of data elements that quantify the bike’s trajectory, inclination, acceleration and vibrations. These are compiled in order to determine whether the rider has completed a turn, changed a lane or exited a roundabout burn automatically canceling the turn signal.

The company’s aim is to develop next-gen technology in the field of motorcycle automation. The system is available online starting from a price tag of $99.

“Nothing is more valuable than life itself — this is why we have to reduce this risk as much as possible.” Says Kovac, CEO of ABCS systems.

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