California based custom bike builder Lossa Engineering has built an street legal BMX bike by modifying a Honda CT90. The bike builder Jay LaRossa always wanted to make a bike similar to Redline BMX of 80s and Honda CT90 was a perfect choice.


He started chopping of the bike and kept the frame where the vin# is so it can still be registered (see pics).  The petrol tank is located in the top tube with a Pingle petcock. He spent 100 hours in building this, 110cc clone motor with Honda side covers, vintage BMX seat, bars and stem, BMX forks. LED headlights on fork sides and LED tail light with brake light in license plate frame. Antigravity 4 cell battery. Made to resemble a vintage Redline BMX bike. Spool front hub, rear drum brake, all new spokes, red is all a 3 stage powder coating.

This Bike can do 80 kmph! Has won many awards at major shows. As per Jay LaRossa this is a super fun unique bike. Everyon that has seen this bike loves it, wants to ride it and asked how much to build them one.

The Redline Honda CT90 BMX Bike is currently for sale at eBay.

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