Daily news headline often reads of the danger we face with pollution and a major factor that is involved is air pollution. Scientists and professionals all over the world are trying to figure out a way to counter this menace. Initiative whether big or small makes a difference, so electric powered vehicles is thinking in the right direction. India is a heavily polluted country and we can’t really ignore that as a fact so a company in Pune called Tork exercised its practice and are now ready to launch its first production line ready all electric bike, The T6x. This should start a revolution and new competition in the two wheeler industry at once. The T6x is not any measly push over, powered by a brushless 6kW motor fuelled by Lithium Ion batteries and Tork’s TIROS system, which means it can instantly propel the bike to achieve a top speed of 100km/hr. Being the first doesn’t mean it will be crude as the T6x flaunts a TFT touch screen setup with USB charging point, GPS and an anti-theft mechanism which not all bikes has as standard. The ride should be fairly comfortable as it has conventional 17” alloys with mono shocks and a pair of decent sized disc brakes and is built around a trellis frame, which will make it light also. As it has no competition in the Indian market currently, the company should be ready to handle and manage its entire inventory. On to the worrying note, it is an electric bike in the end, there may be many concerns to the consumer but when it comes to a new practice and ideas there are always risks so after taking the first step shall we only realise whether it is in right direction or not.

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