The specs of Kawasaki’s upcoming bike, the 2019 ZX-6R have been leaked. The details tell us about the power, weight, dimensions and the top speed of the bike. However, the figures might not sound as exciting as the current Kawasaki ZX-6R. While the upcoming bike is still behind the curtains, the specifications came out because of the two leaked sets of official emission certification documents. The upcoming bike will feature a three-way catalytic converter and the emission numbers are said to be reduced to half. It is also possible that the new ZX-6R could meet the Euro V emission norms so that it won’t get affected by the updated norms in 2020. The reports suggest that the 2019 model will make 128 horses of power at 13,500 rpm which is 1 Bhp less from the current model. Talking about the weight, the new ABS-equipped 2019 ZX-6R will weigh 196kg, 2kgs more than the current version. We believe that the increase in weight is due to the heavier catalytic converter. There is also a difference in the top speed. The previous version was capable of 260kph, while the upcoming model is said to do 248kph.

The bike is expected to debut officially in October or November this year. While there is no 600cc bike segment in India there is a possibility that this bike could break the stereotypes. The reason being that the Indian government recently proposed a change in the homologation requirements, which will allow manufacturers to import a limited number of motorcycles per year without the need to undergo homologation. If these regulations actually came into action, it would be much easier for Kawasaki to import the bikes for sale in our India. Although, there is still a long time to go and many things need to fall into place for this to happen. But, for the first time in years, there’s finally hope that we might get a proper 600cc supersport bike in India.

Keep praying and the biking gods might listen.

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